The LINK Party - Network and Play Wednesdays Attendees
Our Thanks to All those who Attend Network and Play Wednesdays
We look forward to seeing you Next Wednesday
Full Name Business / Company Email Address Date Attended
Ed Graham The Long Island Web 09/19/12
Cathy Nenninger Surgical Solutions 09/19/12
Rich Abbenante Insurance / AFLAC 09/19/12
Doug Martucci Hair / Pharoahs 09/19/12
Evie Scharff Evies Tanning 09/19/12
Pauly Java 09/19/12
Cara Kazaks Arbonne 09/19/12
John Muller Force MFG. 09/19/12
Debra Volkswagon Rep.   09/19/12
Luisa Berry Lu Berry Swimwear 09/26/12
Sean N Meehan Prudential / NY Life 09/26/12
Rob Gallo Lucky Cherry Internet Cafe 09/26/12
Denise Lotierzo Lotierzo CPA 10/03/12
Fred Lipsky Real Costa Rican Adventure 10/03/12
Jody Yetti Jodys Travel Inc 10/10/12
Libby D.Bartolo Pharoahs Hair Salon 10/10/12
Violet Serta Accounting 10/10/12
Rick Yetti Rick's Buy and Sell 10/10/12
Donald Sheridan Mid Island Electrical Sales 10/10/12
Tony Porcelli Carpet Express 10/10/12
Nick Porcelli Carpet Express 10/10/12
Jimmy Porcelli Carpet Express 10/10/12
Florence Fournaris Lemon Tree Hair Salon 10/10/12
Peter Fournaris Toyota Riverhead 10/10/12
Matt Adams Skytography 10/17/12
Robert Holeman Floyd Harbor RE 10/17/12
Valerie Ciccirski John Prudenti Esq. 10/17/12
Beth Dennison Pharaohs Hair Design 10/17/12
Dawn Gentile Passion by Dawn Parties 10/17/12
Walter Florian Floyd Harbor RE 10/17/12
Alice Chapman House Magazine 10/24/12
AJ Volpe Metro Agency 10/24/12
Laura Zinnanti Massage Therapy Office 10/24/12
Roseann Gualtieri Patient Advocate 10/24/12
Pixie Porcelli Carpet Express 10/24/12
Teresa Temperino Carpet Express 10/24/12
Rick Yetti Rick's Buy and Sell 10/24/12
Amy Pink Mega Media Concepts   10/24/12
Mike Lennon Pine Barrens Printing 10/24/12
Joe Disimile Primerica 10/24/12
Gerry Sapanaro Moriches Bay Realty 10/24/12
Paul Fogelman 10/24/12
Theresa Cahill A1 Critter Sitters 11/14/12
Vito Piche' Real Estate Resources 11/14/12
Bruce Ferguson Ferguson Development Assoc 11/14/12
Virginia Kingwell Spectral Resolutions 11/21/12
Stephen Curry Interface Financial Group 01/09/13
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